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Friday, 22 April 2011

Minimalist living – 5 Steps To Become A Hip, Sexy, Cool Minimalist

1. Throw, sell, donate 90 percent of your stuff. Clothes, furnitures, shoes, trinkets, sweaters Grandma gave you. Everything! This is the basic requirement of become a minimalist, young grass hopper. Do it. I believe in you.
2. Cut and discard commitments and friends. Yeah! Like your mother in law. Or the friend that always beg for money. Or your co-worker who calls and gossips all the time. Go away, Craig. However, spend more time with your family and people you value.
3. Get away from the computer. Little to no emails, forums, and social network sites. I haven’t check my email with regularity in 10 years. I kid you not. And no, I still don’t care about your Twitter updates, Craig. Turn off your cell phone. My cell is turned on once a day to return text messages. Then I turn it off.
4. We got lots of free time! Hurray. Now pursue your dream. Put that 10,000 hours into the subject to become world class. Some like building a business. Others like walking naked in public. I don’t judge. Pursue your passion. Make life worth living.
5. You became a master minimalist! Congrats. Now belittle people for being consumer sheep. Just kidding! With the money you saved from the frugal lifestyle, spurge it on world travel. See naked women in Thailand. Kick the Tower of Pisa. Visit North Korea’s dictator and shake his hand.
6. The extra sixth step: simplify. Do online banking. Request non-paper bills. Stop buying paperbacks, have a Kindle! Hit the gym. Or go for a run. Create something cool. Share it with everyone! Stop buying useless stuff.

Remember: this is your life and it’s ending 1 minute at a time.


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