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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Find Your Perfect Dress this Summer

7 tips to turn heads

Whether it's for a weekend at the cottage or a formal dinner party, finding the right dress can be a bit tricky. With summer being the time for ruffles, busy patterns, and bursts of colour, who knows exactly what to wear and when? Here's a few tips so you'll dress to impress this summer.
1. Color-blocking
Usually featuring white or a bright hue on the top and basic black on the lower half, a sleeveless cotton colour-blocked dress is an example of a 1980's trend coming back in full force. It's a bold, simple look (no ruffles or sequins needed here), and the simplicity of the dress makes it easier to accessorize.
2. Floral minidress Shorter babydoll dresses are huge for 2010 and so is anything floral. The cheery, playful print is often combined with a tiered, empire-waisted, or strappy design.
3. Maxi-mum Potential In contrast to its cousin, the mini, the 1970s-inspired maxi dress returned to haute couture two summers ago and is here to stay for now. As the style of the dress is floor-length or just above the ankles, it can easily overwhelm a smaller frame. If you plan on wearing one this year, be sure to find a maxi with a defined waistline so you don't resemble a floating bedsheet! Black halter and bohemian chic styles are common, while wilder patterns like zebra stripes are for a brave few.
4. Off-shoulder trend
The single-shouldered or off-shoulder dress is an alluring, elegant look at the moment. Solid, eye-catching colours such as red or purple look amazing, and the trend is fairly universally flattering. A ruffled neckline, strong structured shoulder, or a cinched waist paired with a belt all add some sophistication.
5. Lovely in Lace Feminine and versatile, white and black lace-accented dresses are a glam look and have been spotted on city streets since early this year.
6. Details, details, details
Cut-out backs and sleeves, ruching, embroidery, and glitzy embellishment turn an otherwise simple frock into a magnificent work of art.
7.Opposites attract
Summer 2010 is a season of contradictions- the mini and the maxi, delicate lace and bold colours, and empire waists versus the drop-waist dress. Characterized by a waistline which is slightly lower than average, it has an A-line skirt and is often made of flowing material. Think this trend is right for you? Make sure the dress doesn't interfere with your body's proportions (since it elongates the torso), and rock it with a pair of high heels.


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