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Friday, 15 July 2011

How to Relieve Stress

Feeling stressed out?  Stress is an emotional and
physical response to pressures from the outside world.
Today, stress seems more pervasive and persistent.
Numerous studies show between 75 - 95% of all visits
to primary care physicians are due to stress related
issues.  Most of us are coping with a great deal of
stress and need to learn how to relieve stress.  Check
signs of stress against your symptoms of stress,
and see if you need more tranquility in your life.  You
can also try these
stress relief tips to help discover
more ways to relieve stress.

For immediate stress relief, try our guided imagery for
relaxation.  Start by traveling through our tranquil cloud
imagery designed to help you relieve stress.  Click the
Tranquility Window to the left, and see if the flight
helps you experience a few moments of peace and
quick stress relief.  Just sit back, focus on the imagery,
breathe in and out slowly through your nose, and be
willing to let go of your stress.

What can you do about stress?  First realize that knowing how to relieve stress
is extremely important
to your health and well-being, and then begin to focus on
reducing the stress in your life before stress gets the best of you.

You are bombarded with stress on a daily basis.  Stressful news stories on
crime, war, and social struggles.  Even stressful sounds from traffic,
construction, and crowds. Pile on a stressful job and a hectic lifestyle, and you
have plenty of stress.  But just as stressful sights and sounds can induce stress,
you can use soothing sights and sounds to relieve stress.

Most of us are rarely in tranquil environments or even get a chance to notice the
beauty around us.  Remember the old saying, "stop and smell the roses?"  The
true meaning is all about finding peace and tranquility in your life.  Today's
lifestyles are so high-speed, you rarely get a chance to stop and do anything
other than mind-race about your "to-do" list or worry about the things you didn't
get done.  When was the last time you took a moment to gaze at the
ocean and
just watch and listen to the waves hit the shore?  It can be a wonderfully
mesmerizing and stress relieving experience.  How about watching an exquisite
sunset, or the leaves on a tree blowing in the wind?  These experiences are
natural stress relievers and can provide wonderful moments of tranquility.

When you allow yourself to soak in and appreciate these peaceful moments you
can experience instant stress relief and inner peace.  Try it here.  Try it now.
Concentrate, mediate or just daydream while watching the video clips in the
upper right hand corner of every page here on
Tranquility is Yours until you
begin to feel relaxed.  These videos are extremely helpful meditation tools for
reducing stress and can be very effective for quick stress relief.  Just sit in a
relaxing position, focus on the imagery, breathe slowly in and out through your
nose,  and be wiling to let your stress go.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

10 Ways to Sex Up Your Look

10 Ways to Sex Up Your Look
What's sexy without being sleazy?

Adding unexpected touches (a wrapped shirt, a grand exit) and glamorous essentials (red lips, shades).
It's about dressing in fabrics that feel great against your skin.
And it's about choosing more original ways to express your sensuality than by merely donning a micromini.
Our get-sexy looks work for any age or budget: some are after-dark only (shoulder-duster earrings), while others can work for daytime (touchable fabrics, hats).
Here's how to add sizzle to your look without sacrificing your modesty.

1. Wear something ordinary in an unexpected way.
It doesn't have to be a huge statement like wearing a jacket backwards; subtle alterations pack the chicest punch. For example, take a basic man's white shirt (slightly oversized), unbutton it, wrap it so that one side overlaps the over and tuck in.)

2. Do red lipstick.
Pale lips may be trendy, but nothing does the job like red. Use lipliner for a perfect appearance, choose a creamy matte in a red that best suits your skin tone (blue-reds for darker skin tones; orangey hues for olive; true reds for blondes). Use a light hand for the rest of the face because the lips should take center stage.

3. Add a hat.
Nothing attracts attention quite like a hat. First, it takes guts to wear one. Second, it takes panache to carry it off. Combine the two qualities and you get major sex appeal. Stay with classic shapes -- the fedora, the beret -- to make it easier to pull off.

4. Accessorize with shoulder-duster earrings.
Skip every other piece of jewelry, pull your hair back and make sure your makeup stays soft. This look goes great with bare shoulders and updos, too. Definitely an after-dark look.

5. Make it metallic.
Black may be supersexy, but gold, silver, copper and pewter are especially luminous when you're going for vavoom. Look for simple shapes (the story here is the fabric and color, not the line of the outfit) and tones that flatter your skin color. Pass on major jewelry and makeup to let the dress really shine.

6. Adopt an exotic look.
The cheongsam is a classic example of a dress with international allure. Harem pants, sarongs and embroidered items are all borrowed ethnic looks with tons of feminine charm. The mandarin-collar dress from China is flattering, chic and always intriguing.

7. Wear shades.
Perhaps the single sexiest item you can own are a great pair of sunglasses. They add tons of mystery, look cute even on top of your head and actually serve the practical purpose of protecting your eyes.

8. Make a grand exit.
Sexy is all about surprises, so a deceptively simple dress from the front can be a showstopper in the back. Open backs, lace-up backs, great dress trains all make for dramatic effects.

9. Stay soft with touchable fabrics.
Forget everything you've ever heard about hardcore leathers or sparkly sequins being heat-inducing. Cashmere, silky satin, buttery soft suedes are the real scene-stealers. Touchable fabrics not only invite another's touch, they have the added bonus of feeling great against your skin so you feel pampered and sexy.

10. Play peekaboo.
No need to bare your breasts, even with lace. Nude linings, camisoles and slips all keep you covered while the lace itself stays really suggestive.

By Cynthia Nellis