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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Do you want to lose belly fat?

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Try to use the following 5 most effective abdominal exercises that the American Sports Committee recommend. Keep on exercise, there will be unexpected effects!

Action 1: extend legs upright.
Lie semi-supine on the floor. Extend legs upward. Cross knees. Shrink your abdomen. Lift scapula off the floor. It seems to move your chest to feet. Keep your legs on a fixed posture. You can imagine that your abdomen is pressing to the spine. Repeat these 12-16 times.

Action 2: step cycling.
Lying on the floor, hold across hands at back of head. Keep knees close to your chest. Lift two scapulas off the floor. Stretch your left leg, and about 45 degree angle to floor. At the same time turn upper body right so that your left elbow is close to your right knee. After you return to the original position, change right leg immediately so that your right elbow is near your left knee. Change left and right by turns. It’s similar to step cycling. Repeat 12-16 times.

Action 3: Stretch arms and shrink abdomen.
Lie on a cushion. Stretch your arms to the back of head naturally. Hands are together. Your arms are close to ears. Shrink your abdomen. Put up scapular. Repeat 12-16 times.

Action 4: Shrink abdomen and lift the hip.
Lie on the floor. Put hands on the floor or hold across at the back of head. Keep your knees close to your chest and make them form a 90degree angle. Shrink abdomen and lift the hip to move your legs upward. The range of movement is very small. You needn’t shake your legs. Repeat 12-16 times.

Action 5: stretch legs to U-shape.
Lie on the floor. Stretch legs upright to ceiling. Hold around head with hands and shrink abdomen. Put up scapula to the direction of the ceiling. Simultaneously, stretch the foot up to heel to form U-shaped posture. Repeat 12-16 times.

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